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The Abandoned Nursing Home

Posted in Urban Exploration with tags , , , on August 22, 2007 by Mario A.

Having worked in the funeral industry I can tell you that nursing homes are already creepy to begin with. You are placed in a room where, depending on how old the building is, has seen death hundreds of times.

Most times you are left to die alone, without any friends and family to visit you, until it is time for them to sign a release for a funeral home to come pick you up.

Manor Care are the big boys of nursing homes, at least in Florida. They are known to buy up nursing homes left and right at any chance they get. When the Elysium opened its doors in the late 90’s it was a state of the art facility on a very trendy Boca Raton property.

For some reason, unknown to many—just four years after it’s grand opening, they shut their doors for good. Nurses in the business say Manor Care inspected the property once and NEVER returned. They wanted absolutely nothing to do with the property and that was the end of it.

What really adds to the haunted vibe of the home is that everything remains untouched. It’s as if all the residents went out for a day of shopping at the local swap meet and just vanished into the thin air. It’s been years and everything is the same, from photos on the walls, to clothing and shoes left behind.

One thing is for sure, the vibe of that building, even with my trusted colleague…was absolutely dreaded. I would never in a million years tour that facility alone. In fact, as I write this…I am sitting alone in my house terrified. It was that scary.

Update – May 2009

The Elysium has been demolished.

The Abandoned Nursing Home