The Haunted Mafia Mansion

Back in early 2007 I discovered a true hidden gem in my own backyard. It seems that back in the late 80’s there was a notorious mafia Don that lived and worked out of a huge mansion in Davie, Florida. By the time 1990 rolled around the Feds had enough evidence to capture the Don and he was sent away to prison.

Legend goes that more than a few spent their final moments at the hands of the Don in that mansion. There were even rumors of blood stains in the bathroom. Our first trip was a bit of a letdown but we did manage to get a few great pictures.

It was another five months before we decided to return and boy were we glad. We spoke to a neighbor who told us that the owner wasn’t involved in the mafia, as far as she knew, but was actually an “arms dealer” and very prominent drug dealer. He spent almost 15 long years in prison but was released in 2005. That very same year, his daughter bought up the land and began restoring the heavily damaged property. Sometime in 2006 she vanished and no one knows where she went. The Old Mafia Haunting, by name only…sits alone and for the most part, undisturbed.

Update – May 2009

The Haunted Mafia Mansion has burned to the ground.


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  1. wowww, weird, is this off of stirling road, because i’ve definitely been there

  2. Yup! That’s it. Do you know of any other abandoned places?

    BTW, here are more pics of the mansion.

  3. That is awesome. Where off of Stirling Rd is it?

  4. It’s behind the Publix shopping center near the Hard Rock.

  5. yeah. there are a few little houses on griffen that have been abandoned over the years. be careful in these, a lot of them have rotting wooden floors and LOTS of wasps. i’ve fallen through the floor in one of these before. if you feel like driving to southwest miami you should go to the krome detention center. it was a missile silo during the cuban missile crisis but now there’s nothing there. when you’re driving south on krome you’ll see cement barracades on the right side of the road. you have to climb over these to get to the buildings and barracks which are kind of far back. there’s also a mansion in sunshine ranches that is abanonded on malaluca.

    if you ever come up north there are some places in ocala and the panhandle that are pretty creepy. i live in tallahassee and once you leave the city limits there are soo many (what look like) abandoned farms that i’ve been meaning to explore.

  6. Thanks for the info. I was supposed to go to the missile base but plans fell through.

    Good luck on your exploring!

  7. That’s awesome! Does anyone know of any abandoned places near ocala, fl, or citrus county fl? I love stuff like this!

  8. i play paintball at the abdoned missile base it nothing but if u like that kind of exploring go at night it would be worth it just this morning they found a dead body there in the grass it’s crazy the kind of shit u would find there when we first started like a few years bak u would find neddles and bullet shells and beds and theres doors every where now it’s just a building with lots of paintball oil on the floor but if u want to go cuming from up north go to krome and head south its to your right after the immigration jail like a mile it’s insane

  9. wow ive actually been in this mansion YEARS AGO “its huge”btw its really creepy everything is all broken down and theres alot of wierd witchcraft stuff in do knnow so much about this mansion?and do u know any other sits that have more informaton about this mansion?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    quote from Adina “there’s also a mansion in sunshine ranches that is abanonded on malaluca.”

    can anyone please give more information on this? me and some buddies really wanna check it out but we cant find it!!! Thanks!

  11. i wouldddd say where the house in sunshine ranches is, but honestly, once more and more people find out about these places the more vandalized they are and the more the police patrol these areas!!! drive around and find places by yourself, it’s not so hard!

  12. (previously anonymous) : Me and my buddies drove around for over 2 hours in broad daylight and we couldn’t find it…. so can u tell us where it is? thanks.. if u don’t want everyone knowin just email it to thanks

    PS. We REALLY want to go.. thanks.

    • can any one help me out im trying to find more of these places..i just went to the one in Weston today jan 2010 i just did a shoot there.. preety creepy cant get in it though ..the door is huge looks like a church..then the right side of the house looks like a slaughter home and the left side looks like a regular home lol..weird dead birds bones..anyways if ur gonna go to these places go in the morning around 11am
      so if u know of any places please let me know …thanks w.p

      email me

  13. Also, does anyone know of the abandoned mansion that has a “moat” around it thats in southwest ranches apparently west of 75?

  14. i live by the mafia mansion if any1 is looking for it is 5600 sw 61st.ave. in davie byt he hardrock i saw its for sale now people always buy the property and a few months later the forsale sign is back up one ever seems to move in

  15. I missed the clip on this today on channel 10…. did anyone see it??? What’s the latest on this place… still accessible?

  16. esteban Says:

    the house on melalueca is the last house on the left side. its abandoned the guy killed his whole family. and now its just full of wasps and horse trails and rodeo stadium

  17. Ive been to this house a few times im trying to find the one on can someone email it to me

  18. this place has been sold to someone aND there now renivating it.

  19. yoo i went there lastnite and that shit iss real!!
    fuckk that hell no.

  20. doe any one know if the mafia mansion story is real? it looks extremely creepy…i wonder if anyone has died in there.

  21. i just went to check it out today gate was locked and once i pulled up these spanish people kinda gardener like a lil freaky pulled up a few minutes after so i dipped out there but yea i saw a little bit of it it looks so sick!! i really want to go inside and oh yea i went to the one on melleluca drive on stirling in cooper city and some f***rs burnt the house down! but there is still the barn in the back and the guest house..

    • if ur talking about the one with the moat in the middle its still there…u just cant get inside

    • No, I went there yesterday and the house is still there along with the barn and guest house in the back. The barn is locked though and there a lot of weird things in the guest house. The actual house is there just really vandalized, abandon, and dusty. No burn marks anywhere? Actually, on the walls of it in the back “too much!” is written O.o

  22. I went by there last night and there’s people living on the property. We tried to get in and they called the cops on us.

  23. its good to be home. i live down the street from the house and have been going there for years. it used to be a cool place to hang out other than all the F*****G mosquitos. its been abandoned, so we never had any problem. BUT now the new owners have been renovating to sell it, and have sensors on the property, and security cameras. We went there friday night around 12:30am. there were no lights on about 5 minutes after we got in two spanish security guards with guns and dogs chased us out. 3 davie Police cars were waiting for us outside just as we were leaving, my brother tried hiding in the bushes and when the police dog found him it bit the s**t out of his arm. the cops went in and got a copy of the security camera video and we got arrested. the house is not haunted but what a nightmare.

  24. is this mansion really haunted or just abandond?ive been by ther a few times and this house looks really creepy has anyone had any weird experiences in there?

    • yea!!!! me and my friends went there just yesterday and we shadows and stuff we didnt know anything about that house and then my dad told me i was scared the shadow that i saw was a men with a hat it was really crepppy

  25. just went to the malalecua drive house and i can confirm that some ***holes burned down the house, but the shack,stables, and guest house is still there

  26. yea i got 3 really crappy pics (it was really dark), took a video but its corrupted for some reason lol

  27. hey! whoa this thread has blown up. is the house on maleluca really burnt down??? wow, what the fuck, that’s tragic. that place was a hidden treasure, it was so creepy.

  28. I am on a suspended license. Someone needs to go take pictures to see the house and if it really burnt to the ground.

  29. yea the house on maleluca is burnt down, that really sucks

  30. The house on maleluca is creepy . Am sayin to limits dat I never experienced . Everytime we go we hear voices . We hear twigs cracking like if sum 1 is walkin towards u .. The house is burned u could see the inside of da house frm the outside … deff gotta check it out . Tell u da truth the place looks scary even during the day . Its off stirling road . Right behind flamingo road church . U will see meleluca dead end . The house will be on ur left side

  31. I just came from that house on maleluca. Its pretty nice except for the fact that the main house is burned down. My friend and I checked out the barns, but there is alot to be explored. We didn’t stay because just like the post above, it sounds like someone is walking toward you. I’ve been to the mafia mansion but I never went inside. I want to go back, maybe this spring break. Anybody know of any others?

  32. i went to the house on maleluca its like abandon !
    && no one knows the story im tryning to find out the storyy ,
    it was soo creeping you hear like voices and someone walking behind you .
    me & my best friend went there todayy it wass crazyyy !
    im dying to hear the storyy !

    if you know the story email me ,

    kk thankss .

  33. makaylaah Says:

    does anyone know the address of maleuca house it sounds intresting.

  34. anonymous Says:

    I’ve been to a house on Stirling Road (not Melaleuca) that is abandoned and it was amazing. I hope this Melaleuca one is different though.

    Did anyone get into the house with the butterflies on the ceiling, the mirrored bathroom, the home theatre and the separate recording studio in the back? I’m pretty pissed off that I didn’t get any pictures (it was Halloween and my camera died) but I met someone who said that they owned the property and got their phone number.

    Also, there was a duffle-bag inside with bundles of herbs and what looked kind of like human molars. Um, fucking awesome.

    If anyone has any information about this Melaleuca house I’m willing to trade information about the Stirling house.

    • I live down the road from the Mansion on Stirling. Do you know where the Melaleuca house is. I will tell you everything you need to know about the house on Stirling. Thank you.

      • i know about the melalecua house and will trade unfo ! give me a call 9547701673

      • Sheri Mayor Says:

        check this one out

        18952 SW 50 street
        Southwest Ranches FL

      • i am so interested in info about the melalueca house. have been by there many times and have so many questoons. i don’t have any info on any other houses but hoping to know more about this one. i hope you will be willing tell me more about what you know.

    • so i have been to the house with the butterfly wallpaper/mirrors everywhere but i’m positive that was the malaleuca house? i can’t remember 100% but if my memory serves me right i thought it was the same house, if not i have been to both of these places but i don’t know where exactly the butterfly wallpaper one was. did it have stables in the back?

  35. Does anyone know about the house in S.W Ranches. 18901 SW 50th St
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33332. It’s close to the Griffin and Bonneventure Blvd intersection. If you are on Griffin heading to US 27 you make a left after Bonneventure Blvd, (186th Ave). The road is RIGHT BEFORE THE BIG WHITE CHURCH. Follow the road as it bends to the left. Then you make a right on 185th way. Keep going a little bit and you make your second right. Keep going… right before the street dead ends you make a right. Keep going a little bit. This street bends to the left and there are barriers that prevent you from driving straight. You can see Griffin from here. Instead of following the street as it bends, you make the last possible right (or is it the second to last). anyway… there are houses on both sides but you basically pull up to this house. There is also a moat around it. What is strange is that the house is actually open. On the right side of the house… there are doors. They look like shed doors and they are small. There are also sheds on the property that are open as well. Hurricanes come and go but that house still stands. Wilma tore up the neighborhood pretty bad, but the house remains untouched.
    I heard it was haunted. The doors and windows are boarded up. It has been abandoned since the 90’s. No one owns it. Does anyone know any information on the house? It’s not even on the market.

    Here is the google map:,+Ft+Lauderdale,+Fl+33332&sll=26.056821,-80.400138&sspn=0.004646,0.005021&ie=UTF8&ll=26.056836,-80.400194&spn=0.001161,0.002529&z=19&layer=c&cbll=26.056845,-80.400087&panoid=jr2cfft88J3_glq3aSYASQ&cbp=12,193.48,,0,15.49

    • i just came from the house with the moat around it and its pretty creepy. There are mosquitos the size of my thumb all over the place. It wasnt hard to find at all, the directions were very clear(thank you). The right side seemed to be a garage or something but i dont know if someone was working in there but i saw some tools in there. I didnt go inside because it would be better with a group of people. If your going to park inside becareful that grass is pretty high. I didnt get to go see those two sheds to the far right. One more time, if your going to the house with the moat around it, bring some off spray because those bugs wont give you a chance. p.s. If anybody wants to link up and check this place out you can email me at

    • i live a street over from there! i have heard stories about it but i think there mostly rumors i’m going to check it out! thanks

  36. I don’t know why this page is updated saying that the “Mafia Mansion” burned down. It hasn’t. It’s solid concrete. It’s currently owned by a family who is (at least planning on) completing and renovating it to eventually live in or sell.

    I went to the property on Melaluca today and it’s not scary at all, except for the gigantic spiders everywhere. The graffiti would be better if it wasn’t the same racial/sexual stuff that’s everywhere. I loved the stables and barn and I wish I could have seen the main house before it was burned down and demolished. I didn’t bother going all the way into the back of the property past the biggest main barn. It was cool though. I got some good photos.

    I found what I believe is the house with the butterflies but was unable to get inside the property to confirm. Too much traffic on Stirling. I hope to go back sometime. I was super excited about it, so I’m bummed.

    And unfortunately the person I was with was frustrated with the directions to the abandoned mansion with the moat and gave up. Hopefully I can check that place out too next time.

    Is there anything else good wayyy out west there? I’m a photographer and this is my favorite stuff to photograph 😀 I’m willing to swap info with people that have real information…

  37. My friend went in once and said the place was pretty creepy. with cars that have been vandalized in the garage..supposedly theres was once an elevator in there that if you ever go in, be careful its obviously outta order and with no light you might fall down the shaft ..ive only driven by a few times and def seems eerie…thought i saw something but i coulda just been caught up in the moment. it was crazy..

  38. does anyone have anymore pics? please post!!

  39. in my belief i think the old owner’s daughter could have left on her own.i hope she is alive and safe somewhere.some times people leave a place because it is better to get a new start somewhere else.when a place has been like that has been used for elgotten gains. bad carma stays around. and it is not good to stay in a place like that.i can understand it going up in flames.please answer me this was there ever an investigation to how the place went up in flames?could it have been for insurance money and was there a body found?thankyou and i hope to hear from you soon. 09-22-2009 tuesday

  40. I live down the street from the mansion and trust me it is still there,who made up that rumor that it went up in flames?

  41. I used to go to the mansion place all the time when i was in high school. Its been about 4 or 5 years since ive been there, kinda unbelievable that is still there. I never understood the construction of that place tho because its completely open. I dont think ive been there once and wasnt creeped out. very weird vibes.

  42. My boy just decided to show me the house on Stirling and Melaleuca today. He kept tellin me bout it and I didn’t believe so since we were in the neighborhood he found the street.

    Coming from a dude who didn’t know there’s any type of shit like this in South Florida period, it was pretty creepy just from the outside. “The dead lives here ayou” was written on the gate, and my boy insisted that we go later this weekend at night. Shit’s crazy though

    For anyone who wants to know where that one is, it’s on Stirling, East of 75, In between Volunteer Rd and Flamingo. North on Melaleuca till the dead end. Check it out.

  43. Sheri Mayor Says:

    You definately want to check out the house on malaluca. It freaked me out. I def saw something THERE and it was ghost-like. I was with another person who also saw it and we took off like a bat outa hell crappin our pants. It was intense. No lie!!!

  44. Sheri Mayor Says:

    I will go back and take pics tomorrow but in the daytime. Irefuse to go back at night!!!

    • Fuzzy Ruby Says:

      did you ever go back and get the pics??? and did you see that ghostly whatever it was again!??! take weapons next time and if you haven’t gone back yet, whenever you do, i’m coming with you, but definitely not in the dark again!

  45. hit me up with real directions to these places thanks

    • Leah Holmes Says:

      Stacylynn?? I know exactly where the haunted house on Maleluca drive is (can get actual street directions tho) and I know of the one in Southwest Ranches off of 188th! (i’ll get the actual street directions of both, I know exactly how to get to those to, just not how to write it down

  46. I drove by yesterday it was gone. Burned down. How do you get to the outher houses.

  47. the mafia mansion did not burn down its just blocked off now

  48. I went to the house that I think everyone is talking about. I don’t know about a street called Malaluca, but I went to a white abandon house yesterday on Stirling and close to Volunteer. It didn’t look burned to me, just worn out and abused. There was graffiti there, some of it was stupid but there was one that stood out. It was written on the back outside walls about three times “too much!” That’s kind of creepy. Also, in the backyard is this forest thing and if you keep walking you find the barn and guest house I think everyone is talking about? Me and my friend went into the guest house. The roof fell in a few rooms and there was junk thrown all over the place. We decided to check it out more, find out who lived here and stuff. I don’t remember the names but my friend does. They lived in Spain and moved here. They were trying to learn English because in a phone book had the English Alphabet and ways to pronounce them in Spanish. They seemed like a rich family. I don’t think they died, I think the hurricane ruined the house “too much” so they decided to just leave an abandon it taking their furniture and things in the actual house. But me and my friend found a ouiji board in the front of the house O.O We also met up with some people that showed up right when we left the guest house(by the way, barn is locked). They said they were exploring too and jogged all the way from 162nd. That’s far! Stranger part, one second they were walking away together, next second they were no where in sight. We ran and looked for them because they would have gone straight down the road but there was no trace of them…

  49. Anonymous Says:

    Lol so crazy that so many people go to this place by my house xD

  50. Me and my friends went to the
    house by stirling in between holatee and volunteer and then the next day my friends went to see some more stuff and the cops arrested them and had to be picked up by there
    parents and they have court dates. Good thing i didnt go that day. They say in 3 days they caught 23 people trespassing and arrested every person

    • I went today in broad daylight, I got so lucky. It was so dumb. We hopped the fence and EVERYONE can see you. What’s the story on the house? Iv heard like 100’s.

    • Anonymous Says:

      why do they have court dates? Trespassing is a misdemeanor which, here in Florida, is only a ticket. Your friends were probably doing something they shouldn’t have been doing and probably deserved getting arrested.

    • r u talking about this house or anotherone??

  51. I went to the house on malaluca with a group of friends and a ouija board. We parked out front and just put the board on my friend’s car

    if you don’t know what a ouija board is~~it’s a piece of cardboard with the letters a-m on one line and n-z on another line. There is also yes and no inthe corners and the #0-9 and goodbye on the bottom. With the board comes a triangle piece that slides across the board. The whole point of the ouija board is to talk to spirits. You place your fingers on the triangle and ask to talk to someone from the dead.

    So yea we’re There and you can say that this is fake but the board did some freeeeeaky things. We talked to someone named Stan and another person named Ras. The board circled around 666 and um Stan told us we were in danger but he wouldn’t let us leave. We asked what would happen if we did and he spelled out the word stab. So if you read this you can think what you want, I thought the board was fake until I tried it…

    • you opened a portal way for the paranormal ..dont use this board if u dont know what ur doing. its dangerous.

      • I agree with know what you are doing when you use an ouija board. it can be very dangerous. I’m hoping you did have white candles lit while you did this because if not you better be praying to the higher spirits. you can actually be cursed and calling on the bad spirits…they don’t just leave once they are called in.

  52. So guesss where I was last night. ^ No lie it was creepy I stood ontop of the gate waiting for my friends cause I was too scared but they went in on first floor,second floor and basement and they took pictures spray paint everywhere blood was really on the floors and there was a thing on the wall saying “I killed her.” Spooky, Then they went into the maids house too. After all that they headed back to the horse ranch and saw some people but the same thing happened that happened when I went they were freaking chased by big ugly fat dogs -_-. Yea, but true warrior right there lmao

  53. jon god damnit…stfu lmao

  54. ive been to this place countless times, its in davie right next to where i work, its not burnt down and kinda le lame.. people around there are shady and call the cops, i honestly wouldnt recommend going..wannabe satanic kids drew stars by the garage and people have played paintball there in the past.

    ive been to plenty other places you could see thru my work that are ten times more amazing and less…chance of gettn arrested by the davie cops

    • i know they call the cops on us too but we ran away before they came =D but the house is really creppy we saw shadows and stuff

  55. oplrockstar Says:

    i love shit like this, a house in altamonte springs, fl suberb of orl, fl had a house that was supposed to be haunted. i coudln’t get my friends to go but i went several times during the night and day. the house looked like it belonged in the movies, 3 foot high grass, 2 story with white columns, two winding staircases in the front enrtway, secret passeage behind a false wall that led up to the mastersuite. dad killed his wife and kids then himself, blah blah blah. it turns out years later after it had been turned down that the house did have history. it was the location for the movie wrap party from GONE WITH THE WIND. clark gable, viviegn leigh and the entire cast and crew were there.

  56. my family and i happened upon the abaondoned lot at the end of melaleuca road by accident whiel looking for dcorated houses this past christmas. we got to the end of the road and realized it was adead end and turned around to head back. we pulled into a driveway that was blockd by a closed gate and as the lights shone on thegaet we saw “the dead walk here”. we all completely freaked out and got out of there as fast as we could, but have been back a couple of times since to show/scare our friends. each time it is just as scary for us as it was when we saw it for the first time. last night we went, did the same turn around thing and my husband, who doesn’t beleive itthis type of thing, thought it would be funny to fake that the car broke down and we couldn’t back out. but then, serioulsy saw something in the grass there coming toward us, not an animal which would heva been running away from the car, but something coming toward us. he frealked out, stopped fooling around and got the hell out of there. today we went back to see it in daylight and it was creepy even then. i don’t understand though what exactly isthe foundation in the forefront of the property. there is a house toward the back andthe barn and stables, but dos anyone know abou the brick wall and concrete foudnation that is there? i would love to find out more about this property. an address maybe will give us more info but there isn’t one anywhere that i could find. BTW, this website is very cool and i love reading all the stories you al have. keep it going.

  57. the story goes like this (well some of it =D) this house was own by a mafia men w.e is called so he killed a lot of people in that house so now people use it to do like rituals and like talk to the devil so that house is really creepy

  58. the place was frecky i sleep over their and i heard foot steps


  60. I’m so happy the Malaluca house was so popular amongst everyone and i still can’t believe the main part burned down. man, that house was CREEPY. my friend actually went there and a guy with a gun caught him and some other people he was with and he threatened to kill him!! be careful everyone!

  61. You Can Now Go Every Sunday To This Place Look Up 🙂

  62. im planning to go……

    who wants to go??

    if you want to go just send me an email


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