The Abandoned Nursing Home

Having worked in the funeral industry I can tell you that nursing homes are already creepy to begin with. You are placed in a room where, depending on how old the building is, has seen death hundreds of times.

Most times you are left to die alone, without any friends and family to visit you, until it is time for them to sign a release for a funeral home to come pick you up.

Manor Care are the big boys of nursing homes, at least in Florida. They are known to buy up nursing homes left and right at any chance they get. When the Elysium opened its doors in the late 90’s it was a state of the art facility on a very trendy Boca Raton property.

For some reason, unknown to many—just four years after it’s grand opening, they shut their doors for good. Nurses in the business say Manor Care inspected the property once and NEVER returned. They wanted absolutely nothing to do with the property and that was the end of it.

What really adds to the haunted vibe of the home is that everything remains untouched. It’s as if all the residents went out for a day of shopping at the local swap meet and just vanished into the thin air. It’s been years and everything is the same, from photos on the walls, to clothing and shoes left behind.

One thing is for sure, the vibe of that building, even with my trusted colleague…was absolutely dreaded. I would never in a million years tour that facility alone. In fact, as I write this…I am sitting alone in my house terrified. It was that scary.

Update – May 2009

The Elysium has been demolished.

The Abandoned Nursing Home


38 Responses to “The Abandoned Nursing Home”

  1. Is there any more information on this nursing home. I’ve searched the web to no avail. Whats the story behind it? Where can i find more photos? I live close to this place and want some more information on it before i decide to explore it

  2. Pretty much all the info and pictures I have are located at under abandoned n.h.

    There is not much to know except there is a security trailer parked out front now….it’s still pretty easy to enter, though.

  3. the trailer is gone i was there last night

  4. where is this located?

  5. I totally went in there… first w/ a few ppl… then the 2nd time with a different group of people… kids or someone TOTALLLY destroyed every single fucking room. i found a watch and i think i might pawn it.. lol. also.. its really filthy in there… it feels like you’ll catch some virus. lol. its pretty creepy the first time.. but the more you go in there… its aight. i never saw the pool though. hmmmm.
    if you take spanish river west of federal highway… you’ll come up on 6th Way, take a left onto that and follow the road about an exact mile down… it’ll be on the left hand side(going south).. and theres a convenient church you can park in about 100 feet from the home. it’s pretty cool.. go check it out once or twice.

  6. oh yeah, and theres even a dialysis machine in there. weird.

  7. Zachary T Says:

    I had a very weird feeling when i went in there. Reading this after going there freaks me out even more. I mean, the place is absolutely torn up but you can still tell people lived there and they just…left. Peoples dentures were still in the bathrooms and personal photos where still laying around alongside personal medical documents. It doesn’t seem like it would be legal to leave some of this stuff behind. It’s very odd. I wonder why the place was closed down, it wasn’t even that old…

    here is the address…

    Location :Boca Raton, Florida
    Address :2600 NW 5th Ave 33431
    Telephone :561-368-6222
    Fax :561-750-1642

  8. went there today. fucking creepy even in broad daylight. as me and my friend walked up to the place, we thought someone was there, noticing a blue ford pickup truck. as we approached, we realized it had no plates and was also abandoned. as we walked around the building, we were relatively creeped out, getting weird vibes and such. we took many pictures. the weirdest experience however, was in the room to the left of the emergency entrance. my friend was taking pics of the room, and as he moved closer, his camera literally stopped taking pictures. now, this camera is not old. its almost brand new. he changed the modes and still nothing. he took a few steps back and it started working again. weird. and when he backed up, he could not get a clear shot, even with the cameras autofocus, which is very good. now, it really is a shame that kids have demolished the place. almost all the windows are broken. there is also empty beer cans on one side of the building. how anyone could party there is beyond me.

  9. awesome! i love this blog πŸ™‚

    • You should check out the nursing home as well. It’s in Boca and much easier to access than the house.

      • What House …Address Please!

      • ah i just read this comment like 3 years later, even though i do come here and lurk from time to time. yeah, i don’t live in south florida anymore but next time i head to my parents’ i’ll definitely stop by. is this place even still around?? has it been sold or torn down?

  10. That place is not scary or dreadful. It’s completely abandoned with everything still inside it, just as you said, but not scary at all.

    It seems as though they took very good care of their patients. It’s no creepier than any other dark, empty place would be. The entire time that I was there, and I walked around the entire place yesterday, I wasn’t scared one bit. It opened in like 1992 and was in operation until sometime in 2005, FYI. It was evacuated due to one of the hurricanes and the damage was enough to where they couldn’t move anyone back in, hence the still abandoned property. It’s a shame that all of these stupid, ignorant people have literally destroyed it. It was a really nice place once.

    What exactly were you afraid of? The only thing that I was afraid of was breathing in all the toxic black mold!

  11. If they evacuated everyone due to the hurricane wouldn’t the people living there want their belongings back? Especially old photos. And look at all the documents on the floor, they can’t just leave them there.

    • Chris and Karyna Says:

      We went inside the hospital this evening with some friends and the place definitely has a creepy vibe to it. We left shortly after and were questioned by the security guard, who allowed us to look around the back with his consent. I have taken photos and on three different shots caught orbs around by the pool and inside the insane asylum. Theres mold every where, documents scattered all over the floor. We heard whispering and I personally saw what I believe to be a white silhouette of a man in the backyard. Kids have trashed the place over the years and graffiti cover the walls. If you would like to see some of the photos that I have taken pplz feel free to e-mail me at

  12. me and my friends drove by today, we’ve been driving by that place alot for the past couple week or 2, it is being demolished as i type this. we were so sad to see the walls all torn down.
    it does look more ceepy than before the walls were torn down.

    sad to see this place go :/

  13. drove by today, everything is torn down.
    alot of people were there today and it looked like they were going
    through the stuff, i believe that by tomorrow afternoon the whole place should be demolished.
    my friend drove by it like half an hour ago, said alot of it is completely gone.

    i didnt get to stop and get out of the car to get pictures but did get some from the car, email me if you want to see them.

    i would of stopped but we were on our way to the abandoned motel past glades also on 4th πŸ™‚
    its on the right corner after passing glades, we went inside.
    videos will be on
    also have pictures of that.

    i ALSO found a website of pictures INSIDE the Elysium

    my email is
    feel free to email me with any questions or if you want pictures/videos πŸ˜€

  14. Neighbor Says:

    I just rode by today. They are finally demolishing the place. So long Elysium!

  15. nemnecurgergy Says:

    Can you tell me …, please

  16. pluhAspeple Says:

    Is it far from here?

  17. Good to see im not the only one who was a fan of visiting this place. Sucks its gone now but im sure we all saw it happening sooner or later. there was a fire there as well back in sept of 2008. i went in there a few times with some friends both during the day and at night back in may of 2007. It wasnt scary i was just afraid of getting caught and being around all the other dangers in there.

  18. I was at this place several times. All during the day, but even still, pretty creepy. I was shocked to hear it being demolished. I really enjoyed searching the place. my friends and i had some pretty weird experiences in there. one time we were in there we heard people following us from behind but no one was there and when we left, the guard was not even outside the building. In the same day we heard chains being smashed against the door outside. It was pretty freaky. The third time we went we heard laughing surrounding us near where the guard was in one of the hallways. but yeah, 😦 its gone now.

  19. Was there tonite. Unfortunately its gone all but one building, eerie feeling still remains.

  20. asoberprep Says:

    Have you guys heard about the haunted funeral home in the keys. Suppose to have had all kinds of crazy shit that has gone on there. Really get a kick out of abandoned places. Especially old homes.

  21. If Any One Wants To Trade info I Have Lots ! Email Me Sometime.. Plus pictures !!!!!

  22. Condused Says:

    I’m a little confused. I keep reading various messages on various boards saying the place as being in the process of being torn down. However Google Maps and Google Street view still shows the entire building still standing. Can someone confirm if this location is still in fact standing? Google seems to say it is with current photography showing it still there.

  23. No longer confused Says:

    Spoke with the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser and he confirmed that the building was torn down in 2009 because the owners of the property are only paying property tax for the land and not for a building. So it IS completely gone now. Google Earth needs to update it’s images, it still shows the Elysium standing.

  24. Danyelle Says:


  25. I thought that that place was scary as fuck haha. I cant even tell you how many times I sprinted outa there. Not during the day or if you were with a bunch of friends. But if you ever went in there on a pitch black night with 1 or 2 other people and nothin but small flash lights you should know what im talking about. Even though it was probably ussually bums making the wierd sounds that we always seemed to hear. That real narrow stairwell up to the attic was the only place that we never had the balls to check out. I swear anytime we made it halfway up those stairs we would hear footsteps or somthin of the like up above. The old walk-in refridgerators were pretty sketchy too. Ill admit to destroying the place a bit though, we even played paintball in there once. but that was back when I was attending PJPII. too bad they tore it down though.

  26. Danyelle of Wickedly Awful Photography – Shut UP! You suck at photography and you’re fucking annoying! It’s stupid little cunts like you that tell people where everything is and get these places closed off and demolished! STOP IT NOW!

  27. Darthbane2007 Says:

    I’m just baffled as to why they left all that stuff there. I mean, at least they could have got the photos and such, which i’m sure the residents would have gladly wanted back..

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Hey I dont know how I came across this and I know the place has been torn down for a while but when it was standing I was still in Highschool and my friends and I would go there all the time. It was very creepy. There was a site dedicated to it. I thought the site was called but i cant find it now. Some of the pics on the site you could see creepy ghost figures let me know if you have any information.

  29. Wow I’m quite intrigued by this. I know a group of ghost hunters and this place definatly be a good place to scope

  30. Do you have any training or experience in publishing because I really like the way
    you write πŸ™‚

  31. Google Maps are updated. It is gone there too now.

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